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The Lake Page 8

September 20th, 2017

The Lake Page 8

Snow flees from the tormenting haunt in the lake and finds herself… somewhere else. There she meets another old acquaintance. Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics and see who it is.

My thanks to all of you who have backed my Patreon! Let me entice the rest of you. New pages are coming in and you get advance viewing when you’re a patron!

An exciting week here. The electric┬áservice┬áline from the pole to my house is underground and has become frayed. The power started puttering out on Monday. Fortunately, Dominion Power came right out and fixed it. They have these neat sensors that can detect electrical leakage through 5 feet of earth. That proved handy! It’s all fixed now so we’re back up and running!

Baltimore Comic Con is this weekend! I’ll be there with Snow by Night and Final Arcanum books at Table A235-236.


    I just finished catching up, and I was taken off guard when there wasn’t more, and right at a climax too.


    Without having looked at the vote incentive, let me guess: it’s gonna be that raven, isn’t it? What was his name, Chugin or something?

    Now time to go see if I was right. :)

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