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Chapter 15 Page 32

August 7th, 2017

Chapter 15 Page 32

Slow at first, the fire builds. The words quicken. The emotions grow stronger. It’s all too much for Snow-by-Night as she losses consciousness…

This ends Chapter 15! We are taking a brief break until August 23 when we will begin the Ch15 vignette The Lake, illustrated by Amanda Gomes. This vignette isn’t a flashback. Instead, it picks up right where Chapter 15 left off. With Snow-by-Night. Yeah, she gets her own vignette! To see a preview on what’s happening to her, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics. I promise that this vignette will be traumatic.

August is con-a-paluzza for us! We have Otakon (table B07) this coming weekend and then GenCon (Table L in Author’s Avenue!) the following weekend. Come see us! We have brand new books for Volume 1 of Snow by Night and Volume 2 of Final Arcanum. We also will have our new fanart prints of HG Wells Presents Voltron as well as our Age of Sail-or Scouts. Great stuff!



    I read this when there were only three chapters, decided to not follow it every day. I recently started where I left of and binge read.. I think I have to change my mind. Excellent work, wonderful world, great immersion, so mean to end the chapter here.

      Thank you so much for coming back and reading! I’m super glad you’e enjoying it. My apologies for the brief break but we’ll be back on Aug 23! And we’ll pick right back up with Snow!




    Great, looks as though she’s about to find her heart. As I recall she then gets taken back to her Dad and will be unable to manifest for 8 score seasons. Did she remember to tell everyone that?

    The Mad Psychologist

    NO! I do not want a delay and a vignette! I want to see what happens to Snow! >:(

      The delay, I’ll give you, is annoying. But it’s only 2 weeks. Also, this vignette IS about what happens to Snow! It’s an extra-special long vignette where Snow appears on every page. And it’s beautiful. It will be worth the short wait.

        The Mad Psychologist

        Okay. I’m calmer now. I’ll wait. And yes, the vignette will likely be very good and I missed the part about it being about Snow in my hurry.

        But I like the story and I am impatient for it to continue!

        The Mad Psychologist

        Blaming you for the delay I am not. I just am having a hard time waiting.


    Is it just me or are there a few cracks in her eyes? Poor Snow. Love is such an alien concept for her that it’s no wonder she’s finding it overwhelming in this situation. If you can’t interpret an emotion, then it’s very possible to misinterpret it no matter how positive the intention is.


      Not just you. I see the cracks too. Melting in the presence of overwhelming love….absolute poetry.

    Somebody Someone

    I’m melting! :D (I always read that sentence in a high-pitched wizardy voice…)

    Curious as to what will happen. Did the alchemy, the “great transformation” happen?


      Obviously the next course of action is Snow-by-Night sending a flurry of winged snow constructs against those who have slighted her while he shrilly screams “fly, my pretties!”


      What a world! What a world!

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