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Chapter 15 Page 13

May 24th, 2017

Chapter 15 Page 13

Pieter thinks Snow’s quest is impossible. Love, empathy, and compassion are human emotions. It’s not in a spirit’s nature. For you long-sufferring readers waiting for Snow’s return, please for vote Snow by Night on Top Web Comics. There’s a treat there for you.

Balticon is this weekend. Steph and I will be there with all our books! Come by and see us! Since we’re all out this weekend and Monday is Memorial Day, we will not be posting a page on Monday. Our next page is on Wednesday.

NPR is hosting its Summer Graphic Novels Reader Poll! I love NPR, and I love Snow by Night. Help me bring them together.┬áPlease consider nominating Snow by Night! You can nominate up to 5 times, so you can share your support with other comics too. I’m a huge fan of Spinnerette.




    Aeternus Doleo

    Given that’s a dutchie and he’s smoking, I can very much understand his… relaxed… attitude. Not quite sure what kind of help he will be though.
    Still. If the quest is to make Snow understand emotions, have they not already succeeded? She certainly got quite passionate in her defense when confronted with fire… twice now. Or is fury (and longing) in and of itself not an emotion?


    Everyone needs a guy like Pieter on their team!


    This guy just keeps getting better!


    Snow! :D


    The more dialog you give Pieter, the more I like him!!!!


    RUN!!! For the love of Ghu, run!!!


    “Impossible”, like “hubris” or “insane”, is a coward’s word.


    I’m liking Pieter more and more with each strip.


    Yep. Definitely a Spark…

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