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Snow by Night Returns May 1

April 10th, 2017

Thank you all for the kind and understanding comments on the last update. Snow by Night will be taking a short break until Monday, May 1 so that Steph and Julie can catch up on pages. We’ll see you then!



    D’aww! Snow looks so cute in this close-up! Have a great break!


    Ya know, there ought to be a rule that webcomic artists/writers get a month long spring break every year. So many of you guys go until you are just flat on the ground and it ain’t right! Seriously, I love webcomics as much as most people, but I’d rather see an artist rest and be productive on a regular schedule then get wiped out the first time a crises happens, and you would not believe how often I see that (I read about a hundred every week, and I only waste time on good ones.). It’s hard to constantly produce good work when you have to worry about you or your family’s health, much less trying to make a living off doing this.


      The vignettes are my attempt to build in breaks for my artists. However, that only works if I have a script ready for Julie during the 6-week break. I wasn’t able to get that done this time because of health issues.

      Now that that is all behind me, we’ll be getting back on track.



    Well, looking forward to your return.

    And burgermiester? Let them come in, occupy, move on… and then kill everyone in a coordinated surprise. Best way to do these sorts of things. A proper resistance would just get lots of people killed unnecessarily and warn your invaders of what just happened.


      I might add the burgmeister very conveniently pointed out that he does not have the authority to present an official surrender.
      So it wouldn’t even be a betrayal nor an act of rebellion or parjury, since they never really did surrender. They just kinda… Let enemy soldiers into the city, until it’s convenient to kick them out/kill them all.


    Cool! That’s not even a long break. It’s usually best not to rush artists – doing quality work takes time, like with most things!


    I shall await the beginning of May with great anticipation! :)


    I would like to say thank you for giving us a date to look forward to – that was very kind! I hope that your break goes well – do get caught up with your writing and let your artists catch up with their drawings, but I hope that you will all do some other fun and relaxing stuff as well (burn out is just not pretty). Wishing you all an enjoyable rest of April!


      I’m really looking forward to seeing the art for the rest of Chapter 15. Practice must make perfect, because I feel that I keep getting better with each chapter.

      Chapter 16 is going to be even better still. *crackles knuckles and starts writing*


    I came by your booth at a convention in Atlanta, I think it was probably AWA a few years ago or perhaps Dragon*Con.

    However it is only recently that I have actually read the comic, which I find wonderful. I thank you all and look forward to the continuation of the story.


      Thank you so much! It must have been at AWA as I haven’t tabled at Dragon*Con yet. We’re back from our mini-break and we’re rumbling forward with Chapter 15!

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