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Chapter 14 Page 11

November 16th, 2016

Chapter 14 Page 11

For more about the Daughters of the King, read the Ch2 Vignette.

Oh no! Fraud and malfeasance! The threat is in the air. Hanging there. Waiting to fall like a sword. Mathilde is not one to take that lying down. She breaks out her best weapon which you can see when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

I went to the doctor this morning. It is indeed a severe muscle cramp from overuse. I guess I shouldn’t have carried the sleeping 6-year-old from Cinderella’s Castle all the way back to the hotel at Disney then sit in a cramped airplane then go back to my running regimen at the gym.┬áThe leg is feeling much better. I need to stretch it, roll it, and take some Ibuprofen.

I wish over-the-counter pain medication was more descriptive for what it actually does. I get generics and they’re all labeled as “pain relief.” Well, what kind of pain? That matters! The answer is to look for the active ingredient. Here’s my handy cheat sheet. There are some overlap, but this works well for me.

  • Ibuprofen – muscle pain and cramps
  • Naproxen Sodium – swelling and inflammation
  • Acetaminophen – headaches and fevers

Indigenous ComicCon is coming this weekend! You really should attend if you can. Or grab their virtual pass! Steph and I are going as Sponsors! I’ll be taking my camera and a ton of pictures. It’s going to be a great show.




    For me, the specific chemical is not as important as taking painkillers with water and consuming caffeine with food. When I was younger, I was proud of my ability to dry-swallow pills. I would get stomach aches that led to avoiding painkillers in favor of distraction. After I went to college, I burned my finger taking a plate out of the oven at work-study. (I was using safety gear, I just didn’t have it properly aligned.) I decided to take an aspirin between work and my afternoon class. I followed all the instructions, including the glass of water. No stomach ache! In high school, there was coffee in the library. Don’t ask me why. Food could only be eaten in the cafeteria. I got stomach aches only from school coffee. Tea, however, does not hurt my stomach.


    Excedrin is a cocktail of acetaminophen, caffeine and aspirin. Don’t buy any version (brand name or generic) labeled “extra strength” or “Migraine” because the dosages are identical and the price is always inflated–there is no difference between “extra” and “regular,” and “Migraine” labeling is just advertising . . . sigh.

    But if you can tolerate the caffeine and the aspirin, the mix is worth it.

    As for aborting a raging migraine , , , don’t get me started. If you know your own particular warning signs (no pain, but there’s ringing in the ears, or you find yourself needing to squint in normal light, that sort of thing) then Excedrin may help. But wait too long, and using OTC is, as my doctor said, like trying to put out a house fire with a teacup full of water.


    That’s a good summary of the differences between OTC painkillers. Just to add a note for the US readers:

    Advil & Motrin = ibuprofen
    Tylenol & Excedrin = acetaminophen
    Aleve = naproxen sodium

    I always get generics anyway, but it’s useful knowledge.


    Your what to take for pain dilemma from the over the counter in the USA was quite informative, and you do say that you overlap a bit.
    In the UK.
    Swelling : Ibuprophen ( dont buy branded)
    Pain (headache etc): Paracetamol
    Severe Pain (toothache etc): Paracetamol and Codiene (Co-Codamol)
    Temperature : Paracetamol
    You can mix your own essentially, so if you have muscle pain or a strain then 1 200g of ibuprophen and 1 200g of Paracetamol will do the job.
    If you want it to act fast take it with a cold or warm caffiene drink, branded painkiller include it in the pill and say its fast acting and triple the price.


    Curse you Disney, even in death your legacy manages to bring ruin over underpaid artists.

    “Daughters of the King”? Is that supposed to be a title?

      It was a program run both by real life France and by my fantasy Saronne to encourage women to settle in the colonies. It was the subject of the Chapter 2 vignette. I’ll add a link to the main journal too.


        I admit I had forgotten about the vignette & took “Daughters of the King” literally on this page. Thanks for the reminder; it gave me an excuse to go read it again. :)


    Oh, so that’s why.

    Cienan didn’t specify what he wants yet, and I’m curious! Assuming this is blackmail, which it sounds like.


      Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. I was a bit baffled why Math–I mean, the mysterious and totally unknown owner would want to hide her identity in this egalitarian world setting.

      If the owner was a she. Which he couldn’t possibly be. Of course.


    Mathilde would be too young to be the original owner, but I suspect she knows more than she presents. Perhaps it’s her mother?


      I feel like she really doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know, but his pushiness in revealing the information planted the seeds of curiosity, just as he planned.
      Though, I really don’t know why or what he could possibly be after with this plan.


      1682 is five years ago according to the Almanac, so I think it is Mathilde after all.


        oh I didn’t realize that was an ongoing program, or at least went on as long as it did. Yeah, could be Mathilde herself then.

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