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Chapter 14 Page 10

November 14th, 2016

Chapter 14 Page 10

Cienan and Mathilde continue their courtier dance. The knives are out. What’s at the center of it all? Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics and find out.

I almost didn’t make this post today. I’ve been doing a lot of exercising at the gym. I’m going for a lot of reasons — almost all of them health-related. I don’t talk about it much or post photos of it because this is personal to me and I don’t really feel like sharing it with the world. Anyway, I must have overdone it last week. My IT band was cramping horribly since Saturday. This morning was really bad. I couldn’t walk. I’ve been stretching, rolling, soaking in the hot tub, and taking ibuprofen. I was able to do something between a hop and a limp to get over her to the computer to do the update.

Indigenous Comic Con is this weekend! I really hope I get my leg straightened out by then. I’ll be attending the convention along with Steph and I’m really looking forward to all of it!



    I think it’s Mathilde. Giving the setting, it’s probably illegal for a woman to own a business, which would explain the convoluted system by which it is run. And she seems more and more uncomfortable as the conversation goes on.

    Greg Melhuish

    Well, as much as I love seeing an update, I hope you’re not doing yourself damage on our account!

    Get better soon.


    Sorry to hear about your leg, hope you feel better soon! I’m interested to see where Cienan’s going with this.


    Did you mean to link to the comic ( ) in your update? Just asking because you normally do.


    Thanks for logging in to post the update today, but please take care of yourself. I hope the IT band is the worst of it.

    Tbh I was expecting Cienan to reveal that he either has been or recently became the new owner. If it’s someone in Aradie, I imagine we’ve probably seen him/her before.


    If you will insist on doing all this exercise stuff, you’ve got to expect these problems. Look after yourself and stay in front of the computer.

    I’ve always suspected that Mathilde owned the Harp & Trumpet and that they both know that perfectly well, but it’s probably not allowed, what with Mathilde being a woman.


      Actually, staying in front of computer is also dangerous. Spine needs to be stretched regularly, or it will negatively affects important parts of your body like head and the hands which are needed for typing and drawing.

        My trainer doesn’t believe it’s the spine. It’s most likely my IT band. It’s much better this morning. I can actually walk on it. But I’m still going to see the doctor this morning.


          I wasn’t suggesting you have some problem with spine. I was saying you might get one if you would decide to stop exercising completely and just stay in front of computer as Sturzkampf mentioned. You may need to stop for a while until your leg gets better (I hope it will be soon) but you should return to exercising afterwards.


    Cienan: he WILL plant that small seed of knowledge.

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