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Chapter 14 Page 2

October 17th, 2016

Chapter 14 Page 2

The alchemist is Claude Amaury, Bertrande’s former apprentice. If you don’t recognize him, I don’t blame you. We last saw him all the way back in Chapter 6 Page 10.  He’s not the brilliant alchemist that his master was, but he has the advantage of still being alive.

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    I’m actually having a hard time following what’s going on here. Did Claude put something onto the tongs and then put that onto the artifact?
    Or was there in fact aether to be pulled from the mask and he is lying?

    I’m sure it’s not nearly as difficult as I’m making it out to be, but I keep staring at the panels again trying to figure it out. :<


      I’m having trouble following this one too. I think maybe he’s supposed to have missed some sneaky aether that is now going to affect him somehow like a scientist that makes contact with some kind of super germ. but really not sure. the 2nd to last panel, I can’t figure out what Im looking at, is that like wood behind some fabric, or supposed tone his hair?

        No sneakiness is intended. The mask is not responding to the various tests that Claude is performing.

        The object in the 2nd to last panel is the mask. on top of the stove that Claude was using in panel 2.


          ahh, ok I see that now, the first time I looked at the 2nd panel I thought I was looking into something very small, instead of embers I was seeing like a magic molecule or something. — I have had very little sleep in the last 4 days which is starting to affect my mind :p


          Oh, I get it now! The blue aether-y looking stuff is another test, and it failed when he touched the mask with it or put it near it. But I’m not sure why that made the blue glowy stuff go away… But I think I am finally following a little better now. :I

    … the speech bubbles seem to be missing their indicator tails. ^.^;

      The conversation is not happening at the same time as the imagery. It’s Claude reporting to Jassart afterward. Think of it as a voice over. I purposefully left off the tails to indicate that.

    The Shadow

    Given the blue flare on the tongs, I wonder if Claude is lying?


      Hm! Good catch. Maybe the flare came from whatever Claude had on his fingertips in the previous panel, and it’s just some stuff used to cleanse the tongs afterwards?


    Who is speaking the last line? Seems like it should be Claude.


    While the vignettes are enjoyable, it’s always good to get back to the main story.


    Claude’s new design really flatters him!

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