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Chapter 6 Page 10

March 17th, 2013

Almanac Reference: Currency, Guilds, Manitou

Jassart is wandering the town randomly annoying people in Chapter 6 Page 10. Or does he have pressing business with the alchemist? Hard to tell with Jassart. To see a peek at Wednesday’s page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

So much news to go through today. First off, the Art Contest. The victors of Round 1 (the Sweet 16) are Minuiko, Laura Hollingsworth, Cristina Marin, Rein Eire, Melissa Teo, Amasugiru, Jesse Bechtold, and Shawna Alkira. Congratulations! I also want to thank Li Mei Ren, Delphina, Jennifer Zyren Smith, Pchoberry, NausicaaHime, Jose Ortiz, Manou Azumi, and Jennifer Middleton. Your art was splendid. Thank you so much for entering our contest.

We have four new contests to decide. Voting is now open. Good luck to all of you!

This weekend is Zenkaikon. We’ll be there with Chapters 1-4, as well as prints, and buttons. Our newest button is “I’m Fluent in Metaphor”. These words by Mathilde were very popular at Katsucon where we sold out of them.

Our last big piece of news is the site redesign. For that, I’m turning the journal over to Diane.

H, Diane here! You may have noticed a dramatic change in how things look around here. Our conversion over to PHP is finally here, with continual tweaks to be added as we go. One big improvement is the added Journal entries beneath each Story page – now you can feel free to comment on your favorite pages in the Story archive as you read through! Each Story page has been enlarged to a width of 750px in the new layout, too. We also have updated Share/Follow buttons on our sidebar so you can help spread the word of Snow by Night. If you have any suggestions, or notice any issues with the new site (I’m only human!) please let us know so we can continue to improve!



    Archivebinged this today and noticed that the old links to other parts of the site (like almanac entries and such) don’t work because they all end in .html. In fact, the page before this has a reference to Alchemy that doesn’t work. Should either have all those redirect to the proper php pages or just batch replace things if possible.


      Yeah, we haven’t updated the links to the Almanac from the journal. It’s on our to-do list. Diane is adding bookmarks to the almanac pages for each of the headers so that links can go directly to the entry instead of the top of the page. I was waiting for her to do that before replacing all the links so I didn’t have to do is all again a second time. This will be fixed soon. Thanks for reading!


    The new design is lovely, but I would urge consideration of one further change. The navigation buttons at the bottom of the page? If they are also put at the top of the page, then a missed day doesn’t result in a full-on spoiler (a reader who, for instance, needed to back up a week because they were on vacation would be able to do so without seeing more than the top two panels on a page). It can also make it easier if someone is trying to hunt for a specific page to see if they remembered it properly.


      The “begin the tale” and “find a page” icons will be returning in the next website update. We’ll be adding those to the top of the index page where you see the “Art Contest” banner right now. Diane is drawing new graphics for us to make them more eye-catching.

    Woo hoo comments per page! LOL! Nice!

    Why do I think Jassart is about to insert a shoestore here? (Ie letting the wrong people in on Snow’s presence?)


    The comic is really good~! Keep drawing! :D


    Woah. That is a change! I think I like this.


      I’m loving the 750 px size for the comic pages. It’s much easier to read. I also like the new nav bar at the bottom of each page and that you can now click on the comic page to advance to the next page. We also tweaked the header so that the menu bar is underneath the advert, allowing for a larger logo on the top left. We still have some more changes coming, but they are minor compared to these.

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