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Chapter 13 Page 24

August 10th, 2016

This daemon isn’t going down easy on Chapter 13 Page 24. Snow-by-Night expounds on the attributes of water. There will be a demonstration of those attributes shortly. See for yourself when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!

We’re back from GenCon, but I still haven’t recovered yet. We all have a great time, but sleep suffered. We greatly enjoyed our run through True Dungeon. We played some D&D, Dragon Age RPG, Phoenix Dawn Command, and more. We also met a lot of wonderful people who stopped by the table in Author’s Avenue! Thank you everyone who stopped by! We’re looking forward to next year when we’ll have Volume 3 published!



    “Be water, my friend.”

    Snow-by-Night crew,

    It was a great pleasure meeting you all at GenCon. Looking forward to going through the books I picked up from you. Glad to hear you had a great show!


    Nice spears here’s Mine.


    Mental note to all would-be demonslayers/manitou hunters….. She may not have a heart, but she does have a temper. And as the saying goes, revenge is a dish best served “icy cold”

    Falling Star

    …I wish I could do that.


    This page is particularly cool.


    Note: Never fight a spirit in the proximities of her primary element.

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