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This week’s almanac entry is the bio for Vivienne de Carailles who joins our cast. As a governor’s daughter in a fantasy story, she has to be beautiful. I think it’s one of those unbreakable rules of fiction. But there’s a lot more to her than just that. You can find her entry both in the Almanac under People > Rulers and under the Cast page.

Otakon is just a week a way. We have a lot of buttons for sale. Here are a few samples. Come by and pick some up!



    Just curious, is or will there be the ability to register so that comments don’t need to wait on moderation?


      I went searching on WordPress and I think I have the settings adjusted to allow comments from previously approved commenters to be posted without moderation. I have to keep the moderation on for first time commenters because WordPress has significant spam issues. They outnumber real comments about 10 to 1. Hopefully that will change in the future, but I want to keep the noise to signal ratio low.


    Also, I’m reeeeally hoping to see Vivienne join in Blaise as Jassarts’ fun. Bonus points if she and J have a running star-crossed-almost-relationship!

    There’s just enough archetype and convention to V to make her familiar, comfortable, and immediately likeable, with enough deviation from the norm to make her interesting too. Nice!

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