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Chapter 9 Page 4

July 29th, 2014

Ald receives a command that he can’t refuse on Chapter 9 Page 4, as Vivienne sides with Jassart. Don’t think that this will be the end of it for Ald. He’s a cagey veteran. He’s got other plans. To see who’s the subject of the next scene, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

We added a couple of new features to the website that I wanted to draw attention to. The first is a shiny new FAQ on the About page. I’ve added in some questions that I remember getting a lot. If you have other questions that you think I should include, please let me know.

Below the FAQ is my Bibliography. I read a lot of source material when preparing the comic. I thought you might be interested in some of the books I’ve used to inspire me and the artists. There are one or two books on the list.

Heading over to the Links page, we’ve added two new sections of links. The first is Colonial Resources. I added some of the links to pages dealing with colonial America, especially colonial French Canada. The second is Native American Resources, which has links to a variety of useful pages dealing with Native Americans. I’ll be adding more links to both of these as I continue to research and write the story.



    Jassart, how is this supposed to help Blaise? Or have you set that aside and are just trying to get revenge?


    Well Jassart is a big fat dork.

    Love the new art style!! :-)


    I have to say, this is one of my favorite comics. Great artwork(although to be honest, I like the past art much better than the present), and a wonderful story full of intriguing characters. And I just love the tension and sprinklings of comedy. Fantastic job, and I can’t wait for the next update! :)


      I agree about the art, BUT…the past artist is no longer on the team and considering what the creators have been through, it’s miraculous they decided to continue the comic at all. My pet peeve: fantasy comics that suddenly end and are never seen or heard from again – I could name about a dozen I got roped into, and weirdly, many of them quit AFTER having received a good amount of public support via donations or kickstarter.

      The new artist looks to be a colorist turned artist, and as a colorist she works on pencils and inks that are way higher quality so my guess is she’ll use that as inspiration and improve if we are patient. And while being ‘patient’ we’ll get to see what’s happened with Snow!


        We’re going to finish this comic even if I have to write the final chapters in prose without art. I’m stubborn and will be seeing this project through to the end. So I won’t be abandoning you.


          You are such an amazing person. I appreciate your not banning me from the site – I’m not sure I’d be as big of a person. You really are an inspiration!


          I’m not going to ban anyone for having opinions. I’ll ban for being abusive and offensive. There is another commenter who is going right up to the edge on that. But no, I’m not going to ban for criticism.


        Thank you for your comments. Yes I am a painter at heart so line art is something that I’ve been developing over the past several years while working on my own comic. I hope that one day I shall achieve everyone’s approval.


          I would ask your Dreamer friend to give you some sincere constructive criticism so that you can progress faster – since you have a friend who is perfectly able to help you in this regard, why NOT take advantage of her! I am not an artist myself, merely an aficionada of webcomics – but…from my point of view, your inks on this page (prior to coloring) are particularly weak. I see you are investing less time in coloring, in the effort to spend a reasonable amount of time on each page, as your coloring of other work is more impressive. Good thinking, I would even go further and spend LESS time coloring and more time on pencils and inks, whatever software you are using.

          Though your characters are *more* animated than in the initial character design sketches, they are still a bit flat, but this is a criticism that when leveled at Sarah Ellerton (unquestionably one of the most talented in her field) was taken as a challenge. Even THOUGH the critic was bashed her many adoring fans, she saw the truth in it and used her response to it to improve. You have an opportunity to develop quickly because you have super-talented colleagues – take advantage of it!

        Mark Linimon

        Unfortunately in the real world, artist changes happen. I’m glad to see the comic continue, especially given the circumstances. (I have several dozens of comics I used to follow that never completed, sigh.)


      Wow, am I the only one excited to see the art change? I am greatful for a unique style. I don’t want all my web comics to look the same. Tbh, I thought the previous artist is rather unskilled in comparison to the other comics I read. Sure, the new artist could have stronger inks, but I’ll take the sketchiness and the skill that comes with it. So far the backgrounds are the biggest improvement!


        The art style was worked out by Julie and myself in conjunction. I wanted to give Snow by Night a bit of a gritty feel since it’s on the frontier. Julie took that and ran with it. The sketchy lines are deliberate. It’s also why I went for the rougher speech balloons with the thin tails. I was really tempted to go with the Nightwatcher font I used in Birds of a Feather, but it doesn’t have European characters.

        Viola Caprice

        Personally I like the new art even more than the past art–I totally agree with Trel. I don’t really mind the lack of hard lines and inking, and anyway it’s something that’s easily fixed.


    Wow. Jassart’s being a real donkey isn’t he?


    Oh man…Blaise is in trouble, but Jassart is the one who essentially made it ALL kick off. Can’t wait to see that come out.


    Well, this is getting interesting. I wonder if Snow can be regenerated somehow. Maybe Aether can be put back into her.

    Also, on a technical note, when I try to subscribe by RSS feed, it just gives me an error page.

    “XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity
    Line Number 2, Column 1:


      Yeah, we’re aware of that one. Steph and Diane are trying to figure out what’s causing that error. We’re still working on it though.

    In the last vignette, Ald was no fan of Jassart.

    Still isn’t, I see.


    Surely you mean useFUL pages??


    Jassart’s face made my day x3

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