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Mathilde Preview 1

May 25th, 2014

After an adventurous weekend at Animazement, we’re back for more hiatus sneak peeks! Today we present Julie’s sketch for Mathilde. On Wednesday we will be posting Naty’s colors, and per the usual pattern of our hiatus posting, we’ll post headshots on Friday – so make sure to come back if you’re interested in seeing the redesign process!

To any new readers from the con: welcome! Our site is a bit hectic right now, since we’re on (semi) hiatus between Chapter 8 and Chapter 9. We will return to posting pages on June 30, but until then we’re posting previews of art that’s on its way to you! Start reading the comic here, or visit the Table of Contents to find a page.



    Just wondering, when is Chapter 9 coming out again? (I know I saw it on a previous journal post but I forgot lol.)


      Monday June 30. The conceptual redesigns are all done. We’re working on pages right now.

    I’m curious to see what Mathilde’s role will be going forward, now that (a) she’s done with Jassart (romantically) and (b) Blaise has skipped town.


      Me, too. As a conjecture, Ald will no doubt be investigating the lab explosion, so maybe he’ll be talking to her about Jassart during his investigation.

        As I recall, Ald is the gendarme of the Riverside District; I was going to say he may not be involved in the investigation if Bertrande’s laboratory was in another district – but I shall correct myself pre-emptively and note that barring the case of serious rivalry, Ald would assist in an investigation.

        After all, the city’s alchemist dying and her laboratory going up in flames aren’t routine crime as usual.


          Yes, Ald’s the sergeant of the Riverside District. I checked the cast page to make sure I was recalling that one correctly myself. :) Those are my thoughts exactly, Composer99.

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