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Jassart Preview 3

May 15th, 2014

Today’s hiatus update includes some expressive headshots of Jassart by Julie. As was mentioned in some of the comments, yes, Jassart is now marked by fire. Sticking around in an alchemist’s exploding house has its downsides.

Starting on Monday of next week, we’ll bring you Snow-by-Night’s redesign in the same pattern as Blaise and Jassart: sketch, followed by colors, followed by headshots. Her new look is my personal favorite so far! Julie and Naty did an amazing job.



    Looks cool, but I wonder why if his face were burned so close to the hairline that his hair regrew so perfectly. :/


    Oh wow! I am loving all of these redesigns! Thanks so much for sharing. And I’m assuming the mark on the left side of his face is scarring from the explosion, and these expressions are so realistic! AAAH. Can’t wait to see more!!!

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