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Chapter 8 Page 20

February 18th, 2014

The powder explodes and sends Jassart flying on Chapter 8 Page 20. To see more carnage, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

I’ve got some recent convention news. Snow by Night will be at Animazement in Raleigh NC on May 23-25 and at Connecticon in Hartford, CT on July 10-13. I applied for an Author’s Avenue table for GenCon, but was wait listed. Cross your fingers with me to see if we can get into the four best days in gaming!

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    I cant believe how many people think Blaise should be punished for this.. as someone said a page or so ago, he had no way of knowing extricating Snow would cause an explosion. He was trying to save a life, not hurt anyone. Jassart and Bertrand arent innocent victims here.


      After trying to erase a spirit from existance for personal profit under the guise of helping others… I’m not sure “innocent” applies to either of those two.


      Lol comic.phile I think the “may people” you’re referring to actually consists of Jeremy posting 3 times. Because he has seen people die of the elements, and that is what he sees in Snow-By-Night.


    Now, Jassart, hunt down Blaise and kick his ass.



    I wonder if all that aether is going to make the fire burn for a really, really long time.

    Just to add insult to injury, M. LeBlanc neglected to collect his good hat and coat on his way out.


    Aah, that’s terrible! O_O Bertrande’s really dead, isn’t she?


      Sorta sucks, doesn’t it? I mean, I totally disagree with her re:Snow-by-Night, but she wasn’t a bad person, and she was trying to do what she saw as the right thing. She deserved a kick in the face, but not death.


    He so had this coming.


      No joke. I wonder if he realized the steps he was taking would only lead to more misery.

      I honestly don’t think he’ll ‘wake up’ as it were. His jealousy and hate for Snow is so very strong.


      And now Blaise has something coming, for killing someone.


        You know what? That woman and Jassart both deserved what they got. And honestly? I hope Jassart goes after Blaise so that he can get his face beaten in for being a jealous prig.

    Indeed, the updates this week (and especially this one) were doozies.

    Also, the law is going to come down HARD on this. Theft and graft are one thing. Buildings blowing up and people dying? Whole different barrel of monkeys.


      I suppose that if Jassart sneaks away, the only thing people will know is that a lab exploded and killed its owner/only occupant. Not much to come down on, in that case.


        Didn’t I read in the almanac that these alchemist labs are put on the outskirts of town specifically with accidents involving volatile materials in mind? That suggests this kind of thing has happened before and wouldn’t arouse suspicion of foul play right off the bat.

        Besides… the law is one thing. But one pissed off winter spirit coming after Jassart – he’s got bigger things to worry about now. Remember… Snow understands violence ;)

      Exploding barrel of monkeys.


    All that expensive-looking equipment in that lab and no fire extinguisher, together with a complete disregard for basic security guidelines. That’s what happens if you save money in the wrong places.


    Well, he’s been needing his butt kicked for quite some time now. I just figured it would get kicked by Snow, rather than by Fire.





      I believe this is where we insert maniacal laughter


        You’re right. Blaise has become a murderer and a selfish villain who put a walking snowman before an entire city. Him laughing madly would seal the deal.

          Elsa Helsing

          You’re right, because saving someone from being destroyed is so selfish and so villain-like.


          That’s snowWOMAN to you, mister.


          Wow, man, just what is your problem? No one is a murderer here, the only one even remotely in a position to be called that is Betrande (and even then, she’s not evil or even malicious). I don’t care whether you like the character Snow by Night or not, but a life is a life, no matter what physical or spiritual form it might take. Just because a life just so happens to be in the form of a human does not make it any more inherently valuable than any other. Anything that is actually sentient has just as much right to live as any human.

          It’s fine if you don’t like a character, but completely mis-characterizing them and blatantly making up things about them aren’t true is going way too far. It doesn’t matter whether Snow by Night is a Manitou or a human, she’s still a living being. I don’t care what justification Jassert and Bertrande try to use, it’s never ok to kill an innocent person like they were planning on doing. I’d say the same thing no matter who they’d been trying to tap Aether off of.

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