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Chapter 1 Page 25

April 19th, 2011

Almanac References: Arcaneaux, D’Accord, Go Fart in the Clover

Added Page 25 today. Ald and Blaise continue their discussion of Blaise’s “loan.” I love what Brittany did with the two children building the snowman in the background.

Convention season is fast approaching. Brittany and I will be attending Balticon over Memorial Day weekend (May 27-30), where we will have a table in Artists’ Alley. We will have a number of new items for sale, including our introductory book — and buttons! In addition, we’ll be part of a panel on Friday night to discuss “Making a Graphic Novel Webcomic” along with Jennifer Zyren Smith of LaSalle’s Legacy and Barb Fischer of Sledgebunny. Make plans to come see us!

Lastly, I’ve uploaded a preview of Page 26 as an incentive on Top Web Comics. Please vote for Snow by Night.



    Ok, I sort of love Ald…he’s one of my favorite characters so far!! His interaction with Blaise has really been amusing me :)

    This comic is so awesome, you guys.

    Bas Vermeulen

    I can’t seem to find page 25. Current points to 24, pg25.html doesn’t exist. :)

    Love the comic though, keep it coming.


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