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Chapter 6 Page 16

April 9th, 2013

Almanac References: Cienan yr Tuathal, Sacre, Vivienne de Carailles

Snow-by-Night and Blaise meet some old friends after the opera on Chapter 6 Page 16. Well, old friends might not be the right word. Terrifying acquaintances? To see a peek at next Monday’s page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

The art contest entries have all moved over to the Extras page where you can peruse them at your leisure. My thanks again to all the talented artists who submitted entries. Just a head’s up. There’s a good chance we’ll be doing this contest again next year.

We got another review. Ram Lama reviewed Snow by Night and gave us 3 stars out of 5.  Alas, he does not care for my humor, but he likes the vignettes.



    I’m really enjoy both the story and the art. Can I ask on a matter of style? Aren’t single women addressed as “Mademoiselle?” Madame would be reserved for married women (Mrs/Missus?)


      On this page, Blaise is using Madame as a title of respect to Vivienne, who is far above his social station. Normally she would be mademoiselle, to another noble or other rich person. Blaise is a habitant and all nobility gets the higher honorific. You’ll see this again in “Engagement on Vineyard Hill” where Vivienne is addressed as “Madame la Capitaine.” Madame Capitaine would imply that she was the wife of the captain. Adding the “la” in there makes it clear that it’s “Madame, THE captain.”


    FYI, Creators – on the front cast page (, Pénélope has an accurate portrait. But if you click through to the bona fide supporting cast page (, you’ll see that Pénélope is mistakenly using Liaze’s picture.

    Quality opera is enjoyable to me; most of the music and singers are good to excellent, the acting is usually good, and as long as it’s in English or Norse I don’t need a score. I still enjoy it with a score when done in Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, or Japanese. I tend to evaluate it as both a theatrical performance and a musical event.

    Opera is also an excellent cross platform browser with none of the security issues of IE or Chrome and none of Firefox’s memory management problems.


    Why do I still see on page 16 the comic of page 15? :(


      Network Solutions crashing around us last night caused all sorts of issues. This was one of them. It should be fixed now.


    bet the price was for a date…or marriage!


      Not unlikely. According to his section on the cast page, he has a lot of affairs (though he said he was asking for a fortune for what he sold her, implying that he was asking for money on the side if nothing else). However, I doubt the marriage idea.

      Hmm… Snow seems to dislike him. I wonder what that’s about.


        His cast page says relationships & courtships, not affairs – the distinction being that as he’s a bachelor, he’s not cheating on anyone (which would be an affair).


    I *LIKE* her!

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