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Chapter 6 Page 13

March 26th, 2013

Almanac Reference: d’Accord

Oh, the pink. It hurts the eyes. Snow-by-Night dresses in the latest Saronnan fashions in Chapter 6 Page 13. To see what Blaise brings to the party, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comic!

Our Art Contest is rolling along. The support for our four finalists has been amazing. And they certainly deserve it. They are four talented artists.¬†For those who have dropped out of the competition, fret not! They are not gone forever. We’ll be creating an 2013 Art Contest section on our Extras page. We’ll be placing all the art there, along with the artist’s names and links to their portfolios.

Oh, our Zenkaikon convention report is up. It’s in the form of a photo album on our Facebook page.



    I’d say pale green and white or really light colours. Straight brown looks good, but kinda strange on a ball gown. Or maybe a red velvety colour with white to fit the winter theme?


    I’d say pale green and white or really light colours. Straight brown looks good, but kinda strange on a ball gown


    My main concern about this plan is if anyone accidentally touches her clothes and realizes that they’re made of snow. Then again, word’s bound to get out anyway, seeing as how there are about eight people who saw her by now.

    Hmm… I notice there’s a gem in the shape of an ellipse in roughly the same position on all of the outfits. In fact, there was one like that on her base outfit. Foreshadowing, or is it just an aesthetic thing?

    Norman Perrin

    Perfect colours for a Woodland Manitou.

    Thought: What happens when spring comes……

    Thrift shopper

    I fear for Snow-By-Night, especially now that Bertrande is practically out for her hide, and Jassart is uncertain about what to do.

    Ahh, such a lucky manitou. I always thought Blaise was handsome, and a fairly nice guy, I just hope this doesn’t end in absolute disaster for both of them :< I like how excited Blaise is about it too X3 adorable.

    As for color choices, the only snow spirit I ever had had blue skin and white hair, so she got really dark blue clothing out of my imaginary closet *shrugs* It worked out.


    The lighter colors seem to work for her nicely, for the most part. However, if you took all of them she would look like and Easter egg. That said, a teal or salmon might accentuate her looks. *Definitely not a fashion consultant, but I do okay with colors and styles!*


    Love the new format and layout. Props to your web person. It’s nice and easy to navigate.


    I actually liked that first dress on her. Though I guess the snowflake pattern is appropriate.

    I can’t help wondering how SnowByNight would get on with my character FuyuYasha done up for a doujinshi RPG…

    Her complexion and color make a good color choice difficult. Straight brown looks good on her, but wouldn’t be a good choice for an evening gown. Blue would match, but it would be too much blue and leave very little contrast to compliment her looks.

    While I’m not Wowed by what they decided…I can see that it is a good compromise. (I actually liked the pastel yellow and brown dress on her.)


    Oh no, blue together with brown? Does not work for me. Luckily for all involved parties I have no fashion credentials whatsoever. ;-)


      Neither do I. That’s why I rely on Naty for color choices.


      It’s more brown and white, to be fair. I think it works pretty well as an outfit, and presumably she won’t have blue hair when she goes to the opera.

    It’s the clash between the pink and blue which hurts the eyes, not so much the pink itself.

    Snow is still so blue looking for her heart but I suspect it is far nearer than she thinks. Once she finds it, she’ll be in the pink for sure though someone else might be green with envy. At least she’s not white with fright.



    The pink hurts, but it’s the SHAPE to which she objects. How typical. I’m starting to warm up to Snow.

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