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Chapter 6 Page 5

February 26th, 2013

Almanac Reference: Ouais

Mathilde proposes an alternative interpretation to Snow-by-Night’s quest much to Blaise’s dismay in Chapter 6 Page 5. To see a preview of page 6, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Friday is the submission deadline of our ART CONTEST! We would love to see your creations, and we have cash prizes for the top eight winners. As I clarified in a comment earlier this week, you may use your submission for promotional purposes, but please no selling of our characters.



    Why is Snow-by-Night so angry? She pretty much is using the boys to look for her heart – something they really don’t have any obligation to do – but she’s angry they used her? There’s some hypocrisy here. She’s not much of a victim. At best, she’s very naive.


      It’s more because of they “promised” her and I guess her kind takes promises very seriously. So they DO have an obligation. They should have made their intentions clear instead of misleading her


    We made “I’m Fluent in Metaphor” into a button for Katuson. We sold out.

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