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The Midnight Chalice Page 6

February 11th, 2013

The Midnight Chalice comes to a thrilling conclusion as the chalice ultimately gives the ultimate ultimatum to those with ulterior motives. My thanks to Ricky Bryant for writing, drawing, coloring, and lettering this whimsy for us. ┬áHe did a fantastic job.┬áChapter 6 begins on Wednesday. It’s titled “A Light in the Darkness.” To see a peek at the cover page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Katsucon is this weekend. We’re at table J19. I’ll try to get a map together for Wednesday’s update. We’ll have Chapter 4 for sale as well as two new buttons. We now have Chapter 4 for sale in the online store. For a limited time, we’re offering our convention special. Get all four books for $35.



    “You just DRINK from your mug? Here, let me tell you what my chalice does…”



    I can’t read any of the midnight chalice pages anymore, am I missing something?


      The Midnight Chalice was a limited-time extra we added after Chapter 5 because I used the vignette to cover artist illness midway through the chapter. I originally commissioned it as the bonus content for the print-version of Volume 1. So when we started up with Chapter 6, the Midnight Chalice returned to being a bonus comic in the print version.

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