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Chapter 5 Page 28

January 20th, 2013

Almanac Reference: Peste

Today we bring you Chapter 5 Page 28, a lighthearted ending to that serious, dangerous scene. I love this ongoing gag with Laurent ending up stuck to walls all the time. Serves you right, you rook!

Eric and Brittany are still on their way back from Ohayocon, which was a huge success! Eric will have to tell you all about it once he’s settled back in. Hopefully we’ll spy some new readers joining us from the con!

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    So, now Laurent has even more of a grudge against our heroes, he knows they did the big job and how they did it, and he knows that Snow-by-night isn’t working for them any more. This is not, on the whole, good (for them). Going to be highly entertaining for us though.


    Agreed, wonderful ending to chapter 5. Should be interesting to see how Laurent reacts to being trussed up and abanonded again!


    Awesome ending.

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