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Losing by Winning Page 6

November 5th, 2012

Almanac Reference: Rapscallion

Vivienne and Marguerite go for the jugular in Page 6 of Losing by Winning. I think the muskets are less dangerous than these two. To see Sunny’s sketch of the page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comic.

You know how bad things come in threes. Well, the third thing happened this past weekend while we were at Nekocon. My grandmother passed away on Saturday. She lived to be 93. That’s a long time when I sit and think about it.¬†She was born when Woodrow Wilson was president. She saw her husband sail across the sea to fight in World War II. She ran the family business — a floral shop where the telephone number was 714. Three numbers. That’s it. There were less than a 1,000 phones in the entire town. The years passed and the world changed and in time she was logging onto Skype so she could talk to her great¬†grandchildren.

I need to attend her funeral and say my last goodbyes to her this week. My apologies, but there will not be a page update on Wednesday. I have a piece of art given to us by Rachel at Tangent Artists. It is quite amusing. I’ll ask Diane to upload it on Wednesday. Also, I will try to get a photo album con report up for Nekocon on our Facebook page before I leave.



    Hiya, nice story you have here, binging through the archives now and this is the first time I feel the need to comment :)

    The almanac entry for Rapscallion appears to be missing. Not a biggie, I think I get the general picture from the context, but though you should know.


    My condolences. It’s never easy when a loved one passes.

    So sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing. Sounds like the kind of “tough chick” I admire. Requiesat in Pacem.


      I didn’t realize until today but the Comtesse in many ways resembles my grandmother. My thanks to you and ExPaladin both.


    “Oh yeah, and you have to do it blindfolded and spin 360 degrees before shooting.”
    (Sorry. Shooting an object that small looks seriously tough to me though!)
    Sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace.

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