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Grrroak (the chimera) shows another of his natural abilities on page 6 of Engagement on Vineyard Hill, and another cavalier meets his doom. To see who brings more news for Vivienne, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

We will not be updating this Wednesday and Friday due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ve got a lot to be thankful for. Being able to make this comic, working with talented artists like Naty and Julie is another, having a wife that indulges my creative habits, having 5 and a half months with Elise — my sweet little Rosebud, and having a very precocious Charlotte who finds the frogkitty cute.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!



    I shudder to think what is left of the unfortunate cavalryman


    “Gory, gory! What a hell of a way to die”…:-S


    Now would be a good time for Capitaine de Carailles to call up the column of infantry she arranged to hold the position once her cavalry had cleared out the enemy and opened up the bridge. A quick couple of volleys should be enough to see off the monster.

    Er… Capitaine, you did remember to co-ordinate with the infantry before you launched your attack didn’t you?


    Happy Thanksgiving from Canada.

    Million zillion

    I’m pretty sure that’s *not* what Monty Python meant by “crunchy frog”. O_O


    Chimera, the more caring, humane way to fight a war.

    Tired of guns and swords that leave wounded enemy to slowly die in agony and clutter the battlefield with corpses and possible spread of disease?

    Get Chimera… it kills quickly and humanely and disposes of the bodies at the same time!

    Stampers Saverem

    Oh, that was NASTY!

    (And it appears I may have been correct about this critter being of more parts than were immediately obvious.)


    Haunting nightmares in 3, 2, 1…
    And nyeesh, wow! Great expressions in this page! That chimera is as terrifying as his victims are terrified.

    Introverted Chaos

    I’d bet that’s a sight most people don’t forget…


    What a way to go.

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