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The rout continues on Page 4 of Engagement on Vineyard Hill, but the Morantine counter with a chimera. A chimera? What on earth is that? To see the fate of a poor Saronnan cavalier in way over his head, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!

Eren and Kennedy of Tamuran are running a Kickstarter for their Volume 2. It’s a great fantasy adventure comic. I’ve backed it and recommend it.

Tamuran Kickstarter


    Cassandra / Loki

    Omigosh, the next update (or the one after that) is going to be terrifying DDD:


    *Little white rabbit hops out and starts Devouring everything.

    Stampers Saverem

    “Free the Chimera”?

    That can’t be good…..!

    a Drop of Beauty

    Release the kracken!!!


    whoops, I thought I posted a “thank you for the shout-out” already here.

    Thank you for the shout-out! XD

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