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The chimera meets its end on page 12 of Engagement on Vineyard Hill. Vivienne and her cavalry squadron are successful. The chimera is slain, the battery is destroyed, and victory is at hand. Gloire to Aradie! Naty did a great job on this vignette. The horses, the chimera, the action. It was all wonderfully illustrated. Thank you, Naty.

Snow by Night will be taking a two-week break for the holidays. Snow by Night will return January 5 with Chapter 10 Chasing Embers. To see Julie’s lines for the cover of Chapter 10, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics. Happy holidays, everyone!



    Going through my first archive binge here:

    “less faith in me” – aahh, the perils of doing a good job, they just give you more cr*p to do!


    What? Wait! No! I’ve arrriced at my favorite nemesis – “catching up with the story” of a webcomic. At least I only have to wait until Monday. Then I may join everyone else in the revealing of revelations unfolded by our wonderful creators.

    Thank you each and all of you for the beautiful work you’ve contributed to Snow by Night and all of the vignettes until now and what you will bring to us in the future. I know many have expressed this in the past (and we’ll continue too :P ). Never leave us! ( if the Fates allow it of course)
    Now, to go hunt down some hidden savings account and hit that dangerous button labelled “Store” at the top…


      Thank you! My apologies for taking so long to get this post up. To keep the spam down, I have to approve the first time a person comments. And now to prep the update for chapter 10.


        I do not mind one iota for how long it took. Especially since it does keep any spam and/or, unintended visitors at bay.
        Plus, I like to think of it as “yay! They saw my comment and I’m worthy!” Even though I know it does take time out of your busy day.
        Oh and Happy New Year, welcome back, and cheers for another year of creativity!


    This is amazing! It’s the second comic that made me read all night (the other one was Girl Genius). Can’t wait for more!


    I must say, I really enjoy this little subset of the cast. I hope we see much more of them in the future.

    Thanks for all your work on this lovely comic. Joyeux Noël!


    Woo! This story is great, and it comes back on my birthday?
    Best. Present. Ever.


    Great vignette I look forward to Tuesday and Thursday with excited anticipation, I so enjoy your artwork but the story line is fantastic. Keep up the great work.

    David Argall

    Dramatic, I will grant, but I will quibble that this explosion had to be precisely timed. If anything is a micro-second faster/slower, nothing/the wrong target gets blown up.
    If you want to be daring, you set the powder off by shooting into it. If you want to be sensible, you just let it eat while you destroy everything else.

      Sum Gui

      Artillery powder is really fun to burn. Let’s just assume, since there are chimera, and Gaivere the fire Horse, and Manitou, that the laws of physics can pick and choose their time, and the artillery powder decided the weight of the Chimera was enough to cause it to explode, instead of burn.

      But, seriously fun to burn. 15m high gout of flame if you set about 100 pounds on fire!


    Blessed holidays – I hope they bring you healing as well as happiness. Thank you once again for bringing many smiles to the faces of your loyal readers.


    It’s raining chimera, hallelujah!

    The warmest of holidays to you, galadhion. I know with all that’s happened, they likely will be a little rough, but I hope that you find joy in them regardless.


      The chapter 10 vignette will be raining manitou. So far it’s got Eyes-Like-Stars and Plays-in-Waves.
      And thank you, Celidah. :-)


    Looks like Vivienne is a better cavalry officer than judge of chracter. Have a good Christmas and look forward to the new chapter in 2015.

    Cassandra / Loki

    Thanks for the year of Snow-by-Night, everyone. I’m looking forward to the next. :)


      Thank you all for reading! It’s been a traumatic year, but we’re continuing to move forward and improve. I have high hopes and big plans for Snow by Night next year.

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