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Chapter 9 Page 28

October 26th, 2014

Snow-by-Night makes her triumphant return on Chapter 9, Page 28, appearing before Blaise and the Liranequois. What happens next? We’ll find out in Chapter 10 Chasing Embers. Until then, we will begin the Chapter 9 vignette Engagement on Vineyard Hill next Monday. The vignette features Vivienne and Jacqueline and is illustrated by Natalie Baakalini, our colorist for Snow by Night. To see a sneak peek of Vivienne in her upcoming short, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

So I’d like to get your opinion. What should I post this coming Wednesday? I can either go with an additional almanac entry or I can upload some of the beautiful art Julie did for our online advertisements. Let me know and I’ll decide based on what you all recommend.



    As is so often the case with artist drawing a comic regularly, the artwork in this has improved a great deal over the chapters I have read so far. Not only in fluidity and depth but also growing more dynamic in pose and powerful in use of colours. Snow looks absolutely beautiful here and the fact that she has altered her appearance, presumably for the locals, is very interesting.

    And once again – the writing, as always, continues to impress.

      We did switch artists from Chapter 8 to Chapter 9. Julie is the artists from Chapter 9 onward. Naty does all the colors up through Chapter 13.


    I LOVE the way the snow swirls under her turn into wings- is a really cool artistic effect and it looks AMAZING


    Very beautiful ^^ Love the new First Nations look.

    YUS! SHE’S BACK! Now the party can begin. XD

    I’m curious as to the art that Miss Julie did. :D

    Bill Meahan



    she`s BACK!! AWESOME!!


    Now THAT is an entrance. I love her outfit! This is great finish to the chapter.

    I’m also casting my vote for art.


    She definitely knows how to make an entrance.

    I vote for art on Wednesday.


    I bet the Liranequois is now thinking he shouldn’t have tried to take those gems from Blaise. :P

    And Snow is fantastic! What a return! So happy she’s back. :) I’m bouncing on the edge of my seat in excitement for chapter ten. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Lastly, I’m casting my vote for an almanac entry on Weds, as I find this world intriguing and would really enjoy learning more.


    Lovely <3 I vote art on Wednesday.


    GLORIOUS. Although now I have to redo my top for my costume. Ah well! XD

    Simply gorgeous. Cannot wait for chapter ten.

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