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Chapter 9 Page 10

August 24th, 2014

And we’re back! Man alive, that was aggravating. Our server company got bought out and they changed the server name without telling any one. So the DNS Registry couldn’t find us. Support was horrifically slow and dragged on and on, because market concentration always results in lower costs and better service to the customer. /sarcasm. We’ll be moving hosting companies soon. Thank you all for bearing with us while we were delayed.

This week, we will be having 5 updates to make up some of the lost time. Page on Monday. Almanac on Tuesday. Page on Wednesday. Almanac on Thursday. Then a special surprise on Friday.

So to the main attraction — Chapter 9, Page 10. Blaise makes a startling discovery about his nocturnal visitor. Welcome to the spirit world, Blaise. Chapter 3 Page 13 has a small edit to maintain consistency. To see some of Julie’s great perspective work on Wednesday’s page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.




    what does the fox say?


    Hah! That got his attention!

    Well, if this fox is occasionally credited with bringing fire to humans, than I suppose he is “kind of a big deal”.


    Was the edit making the wolf there have the same colored speech bubble as this one, or something else?


      Yes, it’s to give the fox the same colored speech bubble. I may ask Naty to redo the eye color to match as well.

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