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Chapter 8 Page 4

December 10th, 2013

Bertrande has Snow-by-Night well in hand on Chapter 8 Page 4. The alchemical seal that Bertrande has drawn on the floor not only prevents the manitou from escaping but from pulling upon the aether to manifest her snow powers.  To see what Blaise is up to, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

I also want to give a plug for Robin Childs and her webcomic Leylines. She’s running a Kickstarter project to fund the printing of Volume 3. She is weaving an incredible story with solid characters, excellent pacing, and an intriguing story. Join me in helping her get volume 3 printed and become one of her backers.

Also, don’t forget that we have some opportunities to upload some fanart at the end of the month when we take a brief break for the holidays. I’d love to show of some of the talents of the Snow by Night fan base. Please send me any submissions (email is on the About page), along with the name you want posted and any portfolio links.

And lastly, the SpiderForest webcomic of the week is Supervillainous. Check it out when you have a moment.



    What a pair! Both messing in areas they haven’t stepped into before–surely Bertrande hasn’t bound a manitou before. Watch it, genius–fury and new science don’t mix, even cold, slow fury. You’re bound to miss something, at least on the first try.

    As for the rescue–I doubt she wants this process to go quickly. Where’s the fun in that? Even Jassart might interfere, and all we need is a footprint on the chalk.

    Maybe we’ll end up with a limp figure who needs to be carried back to her dad by Blaise, who will at that point be freezing to death . . .

    Elsa Helsing

    I hope Snow gets out of this, just hopefully Blaise is fast enough and reaches in time before Bertrande gets to her, but that’s a little doubtful since he’s coming all the from the lower city, and Snow was already in the upper city, but I suppose if Mathilde can do it and by the time she reached Blaise, Snow had only been bound, then Blaise might even be faster. Can’t wait for more.


    It’s all in the timing:
    Stop Bertrande,but only after she takes Snow down a peg and we just may be on the way to creating a heart for Snow, though her Dad did say it would hurt.
    Get the guy in there for the rescue, and he may just receive some gratitude, which we all know is a good first step toward love.
    Let the apparatus backfire somehow and dearest Bertrande (O Tragic Heroine) will offer her own aether to medical science . . . but not yet, oh no, not for many pages . . .


    Bertrande is great. The human who one-upped a Spirit. Snow-By-Night finally met someone she can’t look down upon. Serves her right.

      Lyric Rainvale

      She doesn’t necessarily look down on people, she is a spirit who up until recently lived in a completely different world (metaphorically) from humans. The spirits she is used to having interaction with don’t have the strong feelings of humans, and also have a defined social order that is taken as a matter of fact. She is just discovering emotions and the human way of life where everything is in turmoil and confusing. She just acts as is taught in her society.

      Though I admit, Bertrande is an awesome character.


        ‘You DARE bind me?’ ‘You presume much.’ Sounds like someone looking down from on high, like a noble upon a commoner.

        She looks down on people. No excuse.

        Show them what lowly humans can do, Bertrande!

        Elsa Helsing

        You may just be the first person I’ve agreed with so far, but it’s possible that’s only because I’ve never really looked at the comments before.


    enter stage left: white knight in shining armor
    white knight: i’m going to keep this in mind for later – for now, jassart knock that witch out or i’m giving all your gold to the poor…for your own good, of course.
    white knight releases snow. snow kills the witch. people throw french candy in the streets and sing the wicked witch is dead.


    If you were expecting Snow to open up a can of whoop-ass on her captors, I’m afraid she can’t quite reach her can opener right now.

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