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Chapter 8 Page 25

March 11th, 2014

Vivienne pulls Jassart from the wreckage of Bertrande’s Laboratory on Chapter 8 Page 25. Viv is an officer so Britt wanted her to carry Jassart away from the flames using a military pose. It captured Viv’s character very well. The fire crew arrives on the next page. To see a colonial fire engine (and yes, we found references), please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

The Art Contest deadline is this Saturday March 15 at midnight. Submit your art for a chance at our cash prizes. I want to see your versions of our characters. We had some great submissions from last year and I’m hoping this year is just as good.



    RSS feed seems to be broken (gives an error 404).


      Thanks, it should be fixed! Sorry for any inconvenience. We’ve just moved to a new server last night and I’m still tweaking the settings here and there to get everything matched to the old server’s settings.


    Hopefully, Jassart will get better and really get that bastard Blaise later on. This time, no swipe. Just go through the heart and finish that SOB like he so richly deserves.

      Hans Rancke

      Yeah, how dare Blaise disagree when Jassart behaves like a scumbag? It’s Blaise’s job to accept any crap that Jassart brings without any backchat.


        Yeah don’t bother with him. I think he’s just one of those trolls.


          Yup. This pretty much. This guy has always been a troll :P to be honest, it even put me off of the comic for a while.


        What Chris said. It’s best to just ignore Jeremy and move on, he’s always going to make nasty comments about Blaise and Snow by Night out of some sort of misplaced hatred that has come about due to reasons unknown to me….trying to argue or dissuade him from the nasty comments is pointless, unfortunately :/


    Officially a Vivienne fan. I love strong female characters!


      Then you’re in luck. She’ll be upgrading to one of our main characters, starting in Chapter 9.


        WOOHOO! Super awesome :D

        I second that ‘super awesome’!

        sigma the assasin



        Well I know I’m looking forward to seeing it :D I love our current main cast, but I’ve always felt like we could use a couple more really major characters getting some spotlight. This is such a great webcomic, I’ve loved every minute of it, all of your characters feel really real and like they’re actually alive.


          Vivienne and Jacqueline will be joining the main cast in Chapter 9. Cienan and Ald continue to flit around on the edges. I have another four characters that will be introduced in the course of the next arc. They will really shake up the cast.


    I have to say that it is a remarkable feat for a woman to be able to lift a man of roughly her own weight. It is a more impressive feat even for a man, but it is a remarkable ability for even a fit woman.

    Although I guess the fireman’s carry does help a lot.


    Confirmed, Vivienne is a badass. I’m a fan of hers every time she shows up. More Vivienne!


    Good call on the “fireman’s carry.” It’s an extremely effective method, particularly for getting injured people out of bad situations really quickly. It’s a tiny bit of a pet peeve of mine when I see the bridal carry used for injured people in media (without a good reason), so thanks for the attention to detail there!


      And of course, now that I said that, I realized I needed to qualify it. (My kingdom for an “Edit” button!)

      The fireman’s carry is often used on the battlefield, or at least used to be, as well as by…well…fireman. However, I found out that these days firefighters don’t much use it anymore. Maybe because of the risk of excaberating possible head & neck injuries.

      Of course, I’m sure Vivienne has been trained the “old” way, so…yeah.

      K, I’m done. :)

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