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Chapter 8 Page 16

February 4th, 2014

Chapter 8 Page 16. Where things go FOOM. To see what happens to Blaise next, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics. To see what happens to Jassart and Bertrande, well, that’s coming later.

Mythmakers is pleased to announce its 2014 Art Contest! We did this last year and it was a great success. So we’re bringing in back. We’re asking interested artists to submit fanart of any characters of Snow by Night by March 1. The contest will be determined by voting in a single elimination tournament. Prizes are awarded for the top 8 finalists. For full rules on the contest, see our handy dandy Art Contest Page.



    At least the Aether is there to be used. Good. While its clear Blaise wouldn’t give a damn if a plague raked through the city as long as the creature survives, I’m glad others actually have something useful out of the thing.


      Oh yes, it is completely morally OK to murder in cold blood (so to speak) someone who is not of your race if doing so might help others who are of your race. Dr. Mengele would approve.


        You’re being a little harsh on Jassart and Bertrande. It’s not just that Snow-by-Night is not of their race, she’s not of their species, and she IS of a species known for not having conciences who sometimes kill for fun. And while Snow is (mostly) benevolent, Bertrande has no way of knowing that, and Jassart is too suspicious to take that at face value. They’re doing what they believe to be right. They’re wrong, but at least they’re motivated by good


    Oh right. The eyes. Heh, forgot about that. :-)


    Their advertising covers up half of the image (at the voting place), lame.

    Hmm… Snow by Night, and Water by Twilight, is it?

    Good job, Blaise! I uhm, knew you had it in you… all along.

    >_>; Why is it that I picture the next page to be a jump ahead in time? Snow’s Waterfall, in summertime, or something.

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