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Chapter 7 Page 12

August 18th, 2013

There comes a point in every dying relationship when there’s just nothing left to say. Mathilde and Jassart have reached that point on Chapter 7 Page 12.¬†Wednesday’s page has one of the best panels that we’ve done so far. To see a preview of it, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



    You tell him, Mathilde!


    The last panel makes me very sad. Oh, Jassart. He doesn’t even know what he’s losing.


      What is Jassart losing?


        Right now, he’s losing the argument. He’s probably in the process of losing his girlfriend. If he continues with his plan, he will certainly lose what seems to be his only true friend.

        But hey, he’ll still have a bunch of money, right?


    Friend to whom? Mr. Self-interest is just trying to get himself out of his bargain by offing Snow. Snow v the alchemist–this should be interesting.


    The link to the comic in the last two updates has been to page 10, rather than 11 and 12.


    Apropos of nothing and everything: I still smile in anticipation when the site is loading.

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