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Winter Fantasy Page 3

June 9th, 2013

Blaise and Snow-by-Night emerge from the Harp & Trumpet and carry their song onto Iniquity Row on Page 3 of Winter Fantasy. To see where the two end up next, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Brittany and I will be attending Anime Mid-Altantic this weekend. Come by and say hello if you are attending.



    I’m in love with this story. All of it. From the characters to the setting to the art to the story line. It’s absolutely lovely. I’m incredibly happy that I stopped by the booth at Animazement and even though I’m commenting now, that night after I purchased all four books, I read them and then hopped online and caught up to where the story was. I was completely and utterly absorbed and now I’m sadly stuck with everyone else, always eagerly waiting for the next updates! :) This is the first webcomic I’ve ever read besides things like Cyanide & Happiness. To think the biggest reason I stopped to chat was because I was curious about the DnD book out front! I’m incredibly thankful to Eric & Brittany for being such incredibly kind and wonderful people. Though I only spoke with you two for a little while, I’m incredibly thankful for the introduction into the webcomic world. I cannot wait for the next update. Keep up the great work! Until next time!
    – Alyssa

      Pedro Rhian

      Once you start reading webcomics, you cannot go back. You just read more and more to fill up the time between updates.
      From Experience.


      Thanks for giving us a chance and I’m glad you’re enjoying the ride so far! C:


    Now I’m picturing Blaise with an umbrella in the rain.

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