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Chapter 5 Page 21

December 11th, 2012

Snow-by-Night joins the fray in Chapter 5 Page 21. She’s a vicious fighter. Laurent and thugs beware!

And now Wednesday’s riddle. Enjoy!

My home is adrift, and my food is aloft.

I could be a prince, but I die every night.

Here’s Thursday’s riddle:

I have an inside and an outside

but a single corner you’ll never find.

I look the same from every angle

Whether made of wood, cloth, or hind.

To see the solution, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics. Brittany added some color (well, penciled) commentary to the draft of this page. You get to see that as well as the riddle solution when you vote. Bonus!



    Very Gentleman, Blaise. But you realize Snow´s body cannot be harmed by anything but heat, right?


    ‘Ice weapon. :P
    Pretty handy too.

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