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Chapter 5 Page 10

September 23rd, 2012

Almanac Reference: Sun-in-Splendor

Mathilde and Snow-by-Night have a heart-to-heart in Chapter 5 Page 10. Well, that might be a bad turn of phrase when referring to the manitou. Mathilde asks the question “So what does your heart look like?” Kinda basic question there, Blaise. Our scene shifts back to the Harp & Trumpet on Wednesday. To see Brittany’s incredibly detailed depiction of the hottest saloon on Iniquity Row, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Brittany and I spent the weekend at Intervention in Rockville, Maryland and had a blast. Intervention is a small convention that focuses heavily on creators so we got to spend a lot of time talking to our other webcomic creators. Silliness abounded, as well as some informative panels and amazingly¬†geeky entertainment. I’ll be posting a con report / con photo album on our Facebook page later this week. If you want to head over there now, Brittany has posted some of the great art we received in trades from other creators at the show.



    “Brave the gaze of the sun in splendor…” Oh wow, those are incredibly poetic words. I absolutely adore that line!


      I may make the Sun-in-Splendor the almanac entry for this Friday. So that I can tell you all about the spiritual manifestation of summer.


        Oh, so that’s an actual world element? I just thought that was Snow’s phraseology. Very cool! I’ll be keeping an eye out for that entry.


          Snow is prone to poetic expression. She’s a story-teller by nature and part of the mythology of this world.

          Sun-in-Splendor is one of the four spirits that stand at the corners of the year in Corthus. I was thinking of asking Erin to paint a series of four prints for me of the seasons. Father Winter appears as an old Inuit man, bowed from years of cares and burdens, beneath the northern lights at night. Sun-in-Splendor appears as beautiful African woman at the height of her adulthood, at noon. Spring (name tbd) appears as a carefree Japanese girl (complete with cherry blossoms), at dawn. Autumn (name also tbd) appears as a middle-aged Gaelic man, reaping the riches of the year and a lifetime of work, in the evening. If I had this made, would this be of interest to you?


        I would certainly be interested in these prints! In fact, it looks like these prints (including Sun-in-Splendor) were in the store at one point, judging by the pic-link in the upper right. But when I visit the store, all the prints are gone. When did they get pulled?

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