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Page 7 of Law of the Riverside Part 2 is up. This concludes Ald’s tale of how and why he came to Saronne. My thanks to Natalie Baaklini for bringing it to life with her incredible art. She did a fabulous job, especially considering that I asked her to pick up coloring duties on top of the vignettes. She’s a woman of miracles.

We start Chapter 5 on Monday. It’s titled Ill-Gotten Gains. To see Brittany’s inks for the cover, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Diane and I leave for GenCon tomorrow. I’ll be away until Sunday night, running the new iteration of D&D. It looks really good. I’m really excited about sharing it with new players. Brittany will be doing the journal entry on Friday. So you’re in for a treat.

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    This vignette was one of my favorites and Ald remains my favorite side-character because of it. This story moved me and made me fall in love with him. <3 Ald forever.

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