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Chapter 4 Page 25

July 8th, 2012

Almanac References: Malsum, My Eye

Chapter 4 Page 25 is up! Snow-by-Night finds a problem in Jassart’s perfect plan. Nevermind that she’s the one causing the problem.

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I love Jassart’s line on this page. “Oh, stab me in the eye.” I’ve been there, Jassart.┬áThose spirits are always getting in the way of proper planning with their unpredictable phobias!

On an unrelated and personal note, my friend is no longer in the hospital, and he will be able to fully recover from the car accident he was in, though he’ll be stuck in a wheelchair for a while. Thanks again for understanding my delays with the site updates while I was with him.



    Are you absolutely certain that soporific is a solution, Jassart? It might instead be a mixture, or even a colloid!


    I’d expect that to be the plan for Friday, yeah.


    I hope now another entry for Malsum, a new manitou I presume.
    By the way, Snow fear of dogs reminds me GLADOS┬┤ “problem” with crows. :)


    And now having read the update, I think it’ll be easier to dose Snow than hopefully-all-of the dogs.


    Yay for your friend, that’s GREAT!

    *happy dance*

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