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Law of the Riverside Page 8

April 10th, 2012

Page 8 of Law of the Riverside is up. Ald accepts Mathurin’s bid to help with the Phoenix Men, and this concludes Part 1 of the vignette. Ald faces off against the Phoenix Men in Part 2 which will post following Chapter 4. Speaking of Chapter 4, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see a glimpse of the upcoming cover. We start the new chapter on Monday and return to our 2 pages/week schedule!

Tangent Artists continue their awesome little storyline of laser tag between webcomic crews. They just added Brittany to the mix. Is it just me or did they draw Britt in such a way that she resembles Desire from the Sandman graphic novels?

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    Something about this man piqued my interest. I had a feeling his story was worth telling and it turns out I was correct. I’m not often this happy to be so. Thank-you for taking time out between chapters to shed some light on other characters, it’s a refreshing approach to storytelling on the internet.

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