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Chapter 3 Page 23

January 30th, 2012

Chapter 3 Page 23 is up as Snow believes she’s explained everything rather well and then finds out how wrong she is.

Oh, this is Brittany by the way. Eric was at a convention this weekend so it’s my turn to introduce the next page. We’re so close to finishing up Chapter 3 that I can taste it, and it taste like a nap. In a warm fuzzy blanket. I miss sleep…

I’m currently working on Chapter 3’s page 25. While typically we (the Snow by Night team) like to have more pages done in advance things keep getting in the way. Like sudden unexpected moves, people ramming into your car and consequently having to get that repaired, and other small not-speaking-from-experience-in-the-past-month examples that pop up from time to time.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported, commented and voted for Snow By Night. It means so much to know people like what you do and want to see more.

Sentimental mush out of the way… Now go vote! :D


PS: Don’t forget to check out and join our Twitter. Eric will post updates and relevant information while I usually tweet sleep-deprived gibberish.

Example: “Dear Brittany, Do not stick your fingers in the toaster. It is hot. Love, your conscious.”


    *laughing too hard at the third panel to comment*


    I love that Blase gets sidetracked by his own little “rhyme”. :) Welcome back, Eric!

    i appreciate the effort you’ve put into this wonderful story. Thank you.


    I’m back from DDXP. There is so much to tell. The new edition of D&D looks and sounds very cool. I’ll do a con report for Wednesday. Until then, I uploaded a new vote incentive to Top Web Comics.

    I repeat: Snow-by-Night is awesome.


    Should Blaise say “Many toutous” or “plusieurs doggies”?


    Snow-by-night is such a dear even without a heart. :)
    In this scene Jassart and Blaize seem to act as the reader´s mouthpiece. I´m curious too about how could she carry the amethysts in her wisp form.

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