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Chapter 3 Page 14

December 27th, 2011

Chapter 3 Page 14 posted. The manitou leaves her lake and ventures far to the north.

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    Ah, I knew there was merch at cons but didn’t know that included dead-tree copies! I’ll be excited to see your trading post open, especially if you two haven’t made it to a NW con by then!


    Sorry, printer? Please continue!


      I am printing hard copies of each of the chapters. The chapter books are 40 pages long and include the chapter, the vignette, and several pages of bonus extras. When I get four chapters, I’m going to bind these chapters together and print a volume which will have everything in the chapter books and include a bonus comic that only appears in the volume itself. Right now, I have to sell the chapter books directly at conventions and the like. Diane is setting up a store for us which will allow you to order books and other goodies off the website.


    And here I was giving you the benefit of the doubt…!

    The text’s pacing is lyrical, and I think something would be missing without it. That said, I think the scenes tell us very clearly that she’s heading NORTH, and the Aurora Borealis nails it down for the truly unobservant.


      I’m not going to lie to my readers. If I make a mistake, I’ll own up to it. Also, you caught that typo before I sent the files to the printer so I don’t have a zillion copies of a comic with a glaring error in it. Whew! Thank you.


    Panel four: I’ve never heard the word “tress” used for anything other than hair. Explain please?


      The explanation is it’s a typo. It should be “trees”. I’ve fixed that panel and reloaded the page so that it reads correctly. Thank you for bringing that one to my attention.

      The SbN team and I spent a lot of time discussing this page. At first I had the caption boxes on the page. Then I saw Brittany’s art and thought that Snow’s narrative was unnecessary so I pulled all but the first. Diane brought up the fact that without the captions there is no way for the reader to understand where Snow is going and why. Ultimately, I agreed. I also liked the poetic rhythm of Snow’s narrative. And I have plans for her father living beyond the North Wind. That’s important for later. Anyway, the captions got added back in at the last minute, foiling our editing process.

    Wow I can’t wait to see her father! How about you Kit-kat?

    Wow, I love getting to see all theese different parts of the Snow By Night world, it’s really cool! And I have to say, weather this was the intention or not, when I saw the VI the first thought in my head was “The White Whitchs castle!”

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