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Daughters of the King Page 3

October 25th, 2011

Page 3 of DotK is up. In 1662, the Daughters sail the ocean blue. Shazzbaa based the ship off the Golden Hind – the galleon that Sir Francis Drake used to sail the Atlantic and the Pacific in the Age of Discovery. Since the greatest sailors in Corthis (Snow by Night’s world) are from the Freeports of the Kennard Reach, and the Freeports are based off of England (if England developed as a confederation of city states instead of a monarchy), it seemed only appropriate to have the ship be of English design. Besides the Golden Hind is a beautiful ship.

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    Wall of Voodoo’s song ‘Call of the West’ is what pays in my mind for that strip with the women boarding the ship for unknown lands.
    ‘What they left behind they hadn’t values
    Half as much as something they never knew…’

    While the ‘Golden Hind’ was a fine ship of its class, I’d have preferred a Viking ocean Knarr.


      Gotta love the knarr, but that’s a little bit before our time period. You’ll see knarrs when I get around to writing the story about Folcwine of the Bear Tribe who united the seven towns against the Wyrm of the North. In the course of his quest, he has to wed the daughter of the trolls, which made her a trollop….

      Really? I hear “Virginia Company” from Pocahontas


        I was thinking “Go West” by the Pet Shop Boys, but that’s just me.

        The colonies of New France and their interaction with the First Nations bore little resemblance to what the English did in New England and Virginia.

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