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Chapter 2 Page 9

August 8th, 2011

Almanac Reference: Templetown

Chapter 2 Page 9 is up. Cienan pulls some strings and sets the venue for the trap. Sorry for the short post, but it was a long drive home from GenCon today. I’ll have more news on Wednesday.

*edit* In my exhausted haze last night, I didn’t get the incentive panel uploaded. It’s up now. ¬†Blaise does his Cienan impression. Check it out with a vote at Top Web Comics.



    Everything will be exactly as left. Now the Deed to the place is another matter…


    So *He’s* responsible if anyone (not just his security thieves) steals anything from anywhere else in the museum? Not a position I’d like to put myself in!


      Yep, Cienan might have made a mistake there. We’ll have to see if this one comes back to bite him.

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