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Chapter 2 Page 4

July 19th, 2011

Almanac References: Governor GeneralPénélope GâteauVivienne de Carailles

Chapter 2 Page 4 is up. Jassart is on the prowl while Blaise has his suspicions confirmed.

For a sneak peak at a fabulous alchemical flintlock rifle, take a look at this week’s vote incentive on Top Web Comics.



    That third panel is Blaise and Jassart in a nutshell. Though Blaise may be overestimating his own life expectancy….


    Hehe. I love this page! The second and third panels are priceless!


    Great update!

    The advance look at Monday’s alchemical rifle reminds me of the real-world Girandoni air rifle (, which was used on the Lewis and Clark expedition (hence very similar worlds).

    The Girandoni could fire its full 20 rounds of .46cal ball shot in thirty seconds, and (according to a fellow who’s fired what he says is a precise replica) could punch through 1″ pine boards at 100 yards. An alchemical equivalent makes my geeky heart dance!


      A cookie for you for catching that reference. I thought it was pretty obscure. Our chimeric rifle mostly draws from the element of Earth, rather than Air as the Girandoni would.


    The look on Jassart’s face in the third panel is priceless! This is an awesome comic.

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