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Chapter 2 Page 28

October 16th, 2011

Almanac Reference: Giavere’s Gaze

Chapter 2 page 28 is up, and this completes Chapter 2. The trap is sprung and the merrie little doe is caught. Brittany is busy drawing Chapter 3 “Heartless” as we speak.

Until that gets started, I have a fantastic surprise for you. The chapter 2 vignette is drawn by the incredibly talented webcomic artist Shazzbaa, creator of Today Nothing Happened and Runewriters. She has illustrated the vignette Daughters of the King, which tells the story of the brave women who traveled to Aradie. This 7-page short story was written by my editor Amy Menge. The first page goes up on Wednesday. It’s beautiful, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

For a preview of Shazzbaa’s lovely art, please vote for Snow by Night.




    Ooo! Have we made a new friend? I hope so.


    That was just the best thing ever. The chase, the action, the suspense. Incredible.


    winter’s daughter searching for his youth?

    Blaise used Giavere’s Gaze!

    It’s not very effective.


    That was my response on laying eyes on this page as well as the lovely snow theif. I love Blaies suprised expression too X3

    You gotta have blue hair!

    heads up, VI not working

    Well, she’s pretty, and I think Blaise has noticed…


    Just to be sure: are we supposed to recognize that lady?

    Love the comic, I hope people add it to TVTropes, more comic indexes, etc. Having a forum wouldn’t hurt either (and you really should have a thread on the OoTS webcomics forum).

    Also, the Almanac would offer a great start for a wiki like these:

    Wishing you continued success!


      Hello and thanks for reading and for your well wishes. I’m really glad you’re enjoying Snow by Night. Brit and I are having a blast putting it together.

      We do have a TVTropes page. I’m adding Snow by Night to more comic indexes as I come across them. There are so many that I can’t keep track of them all. If you have any recommendations on this front, please let me know. We also have a thread on the OotS forum. I didn’t start it myself because the forum rules seem to restrict that. My intention was for the Almanac to replace the wiki. It’s even a super-wiki because it contains information that isn’t in the comic. As we get more pages up, maybe a wiki might prove useful. We’ll see. I doubt I’m ever going to do a forum on our site. Its very time intensive to monitor and I’d rather put my time toward making new content. And frankly, we’re just not big enough (yet) to warrant a forum. Instead, Diane wants to put a collapsable comment section under each page so there is a discussion thread there. It’s one of the many improvements that we’re planning for the web page.


        Wow, things are far more advanced than I thought, thanks for the links!

        And I just got an ad for Snow by Night at TopWebComics, I believe SbN will reach the first page there before November :)

        Just to add a voice, I stumbled across this a few weeks ago from a friend of a friend of a friend, and it’s now in my regular bookmarks. I also linked you from my blog and generally passed the message around.

        Keep up the good work!


    My phone glitched and I can’t see the sneak peek; guess I’ll have to vote tomorrow too!

    Today: pretty, and as awesome as I expected. I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for chapter three to start!

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