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Chapter 2 Page 19

September 13th, 2011

Almanac References: Howling Jay, Ouache, Peste, Sacre

Chapter 2 Page 19 is up. Blaise and Jassart catch their thief. Boy, that was quick. I guess we can all go join Blaise for a round at the Harp.

Brittany and I are off to Intervention on Friday. I’ll get the Almanac update posted before I leave. The show is looking to be a great one. If you’re in Maryland, Virginia, or DC, you really should come by.



    Why do I feel like the mask will be gone when they finally go back.


    Ha the last two updates are awesome. I love Blaise’s ‘creeping up pose’. I love this comic in general, too. :3


    Haha, I love Laurent’s face. That is one startled rook. :D

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