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Chapter 2 Page 17

September 6th, 2011

Chapter 2 Page 17 is up. Blaise and Jassart are ready for a night in the museum. Are you?

For this week’s vote incentive, I uploaded the floor plan of the Harp & Trumpet. There’s also a basement, but it didn’t fit on the sheet. The basement has the kitchen in it as well as food storage. To see the rest of Sherbourg’s hottest saloon, vote for us on Top Web Comics.

Intervention is coming very soon. I encourage all of you to attend the convention. Harknell and Onezumi ¬†are two incredible people and are working very hard to put together the best Internet-culture convention I can imagine. Check out their site and see all the great guests and events. I’ll be sitting on two of the panels: (1) Young Punks Kicking It: the new kids on the block at 1 p.m. on Saturday and (2) Writing and Creating Three Dimensional Characters at 1 p.m. on Sunday.



    I love the view on the last panel <3 I the lovely clouds with that painted texture X3 Haha aww Blaise<3


    I really like that map of the Harp & Trumpet.

    Lauren Cowdery

    Love the stepladder! Let technology keep pace with alchemy!


      Yeah, the stepladder wasn’t patented until 1862. So it’s as much a temporal anomaly as the saloon. Oh well.

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