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Chapter 2 Page 13

August 21st, 2011

Almanac References: Aether, Alchemy, Ald BaillonBertrande Grusseau, BlessingsGendarmeTheriac of Rejuvenation

Chapter 2 Page 13 is posted. Jassart meets with his supplier of all things alchemical.

I’m back from Baltimore Comic-Con. It was a nice convention and we met a lot of great people. Stan Lee was there too. Strangely, he did not come by the table to talk to us. I’m sure it was an oversight. Next up is Intervention in Rockville in September.

Brittany gave me some sketches of the clerical vestments for the priests of Giavere. For a peek at them, vote for us on Top Web Comics.


    So THAT’S where the money went!!!! I’m not sure how well Blaise would take this news…?


    definitely an oversight.

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