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Chapter 17 Page 3

April 9th, 2018

Chapter 17 Page 3

Oooooooh man! Things start to go wild on this page! Are you ready? I’m not! *hides*┬áTo see a preview of the next page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!


    Introverted Chaos

    Oh, bugger. That doesn’t sound good.


    Not good that someone got hurt and someone else got buried?

    I thought that he was an OK Boy at least for putting Talons out of commission. I thought that was the point. Humans, meh, expendable . . . no? If not, this is a new kind of spirit indeed.

    Or maybe Cienan just created a volcano that is about to erupt instead of a little Napoleon that is about to erupt?

    Or they simply didn’t check the caves for alternate exits?


    Lucky Cienan’s acquired a minion to take all the blame.


    Yikes, I bet that’s not a phrase Cienan is used to hearing, but as usual, I’m sure he has an explanation for everything. ;)


    oooooooooooooohh someone’s in troublllllllllle!

    The Shadow

    I’m getting the uncomfortable feeling that Talons-that-Seek is all like, “I’m not trapped in here with you! You’re trapped in here with ME!”

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