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Chapter 17, Page 18

June 13th, 2018

Chapter 17, Page 18 is up! Enjoy!

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    Those are some hilariously, impractically long claws.
    I will focus on this detail to let my rage at using a poor shark in this manner fade. (Well, and the bat and the moose and the bear, but sharks are so maligned that that’s what pops out to me immediately.)


    I suspect the chimera were built locally. We know their production requires a lot of aether and such a large amount would be easier to get in the new world with its relatively abundant manitou which can be bled to death for their aether, as was tried with Snow. The equivalent of manitou in the old world were extremely rare, probably from hunting for this purpose or consumed by gods such a Guaviere.

    Also, that moose-bat has antlers much larger than the old-world species.


    Also, I hope somebody remembers how the last batch of chimareae were defeated.


    Big crates, eh? How would you like to make a trans0ceanic voyage with those fellows down below in crates? Were they put to sleep by some alchemy? Otherwise, they would need care and feeding . . .


    ‘I hope to never see the like again.’ *Narrator changes.


    You know, the Morantine spirits are an odd lot. Apparently they spend their free time sticking pterodactyl wings on moose.

    Also, I have now read up-to-date on this.


    Time for a spinoff comic: The Adventures of Batmoose


      “The Adventures of Batmoose and Bearshark!” We can’t leave the crime-fighting sidekick out of the billing, can we? ;-)



    *munches popcorn*

    Man, them honey badgers are getting fatter, you dam betcha.

    Eric Munson

    Yeah, that is definitely a bear-shark. Not to be confused with a bear holding a shark, which is entirely different.

    Introverted Chaos

    I tell ya, the Avatar: the Last Airbender wildlife just keeps getting weirder!


    The flyer appears to be a combination of bat and moose (for some reason), but the groundling is part shark and part . . . , badger? wolverine? I can’t quite tell what it’s other half is supposed to be.


      The flyer must be a Vamoose.

      I understand that their manure makes the best fertilizer; so some kings kept stables of them so the fields could be fertilized with “Royal Ordure of Vamoose.”


    Well then.


    the horror,the horror.

    quote from ”Heart of darkness”

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