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Enduring Earth Page 9

March 12th, 2018

Enduring Earth Page 9

A bargain is struck. Vivienne gets her manitou, but not in the way she imagined it and not for the purpose she intended.

My thanks to K. Lynn of Plume for making this page! She’s awesome. Go read her webcomic!

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    The pieces are falling into place…


    “Earlier” Vivienne?
    Would that have been when you were conspiring with Jassart to hunt down a manitou and kill it for its aether?

    Yeah, that sure would have been a great time to approach you…


      Did she even have the gun at that time? I seem to recall that the gun’s arrival in Vivienne’s office and Jassart’s acceptance of Talons’ bargain happened very close to each other.

        She did not have the gun back at the earlier scene at the club with Jassart. She gets it somewhere between then and this chapter.


    That’s three major manitou all forming close associations with the colonists. I guess they can see which way the wind is blowing but Mr Elk and his friends are not going to be happy about this.


    That’s a good deal. Even if they’re going to have a relationship based on deal-trading, I see no problem because they agree on it. Or… seem to.


    Well at least there is the mutual term of using each other, but well everyone use everyone in a way. Perhaps some good will come of this in the end. I don’t think that was the last we will see of Talons-That- Seek or Jerk-sart.

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