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Enduring Earth Page 2

February 14th, 2018

Enduring Earth Page 2

Can you guess where Mathilde is going? Once again, my thanks to K. Lynn of Plume for her artwork in this vignette. Vote for Snow by Night on Top Webcomics and see a preview of what’s to come for Jacqui.

All done with the proofing and the layout on Volume 3! I’m going to be sending the files to the printers later today. Weeee!

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    I immediately recognized K. Lynns art. I love her so much, she’s doing so well on these pages.

    Hope they can find a solution for the missing hand situation :/


    ‘A friend.’

    Time for a magic hand, perhaps . . . ?


    First time I left a comment. First of all : congratulations for this amazing comic !
    Second : it’s either mademoiselle (singular, ma + demoiselle) or mesdemoiselles (plural, mes + demoiselles). Mademoiselles is wrong since it makes agree a singular pronoun (ma) with a plural noun (demoiselleS).


    Since my French is pretty much non-existent, what does “D‘accord” mean? Roughly the equivalent of “okay?”


    OMG – so amazeballs PER USUAL, K Lynn!

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