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Chapter 16 Page 28

January 24th, 2018

Chapter 16 Page 28

Having a high endurance score in the RPG Amber is often over looked. It lets you do all sorts of crazy things. Like having extensive running commentary while running.

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    Moral of the story: “Always work on your cardio, because you never know when a crazy ex and his fire bird companion will try to catch you”.


    Eh, talking while running for your life is overrated. Talk AFTER you’re out of harm’s way unless otherwise absolutely necessary. ;)


    That lighting on Viv’s face in the last panel is fantastic, kudos to the artist.


    Do Manitou even have lungs?


      My thoughts exactly. Manitou may not need lungs to running OR talking, which makes doing both at once lot easier.

      Also, endurance is totally important. Look at Corwin … and let Corwin look at you with eyes he regenerated in year.

    Anonymous Pie

    That is a good question… For later.


    Did Viv lose the gun? You can see the barrel above her shoulder and the stock at her hip in page 26, and while she still has the strap across her chest in this page, there isn’t even a blurry hint of any part of Sings-to-Moon’s receptacle.

    Love the comic! It’s absolutely gorgeous, and the story is wonderful.


    She IS the most elusive. :3

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